A Nation of Fear
October 19 - November 10
Visual Arts Center, Austin

A Nation of Fear is a group exhibition confronting issues surrounding the current climate of violence in Mexico, with work by Miguel A. Aragon, Adriana Corral, and Raymundo Delgadillo. Each artist addresses the causes and the widespread social and political consequences both in Mexico and the U.S. Aragon uses burnt pigment as the medium of his mark making, playing with the idea that the violence is burned into the consciousness of Juarez's inhabitants.

Corral works with classified documents from court cases of murdered victims to create installations that allow the viewer to mourn and feel connected to the tragedies. Delgadillo's interest in materiality reflects his attempt to find alternative modes of communicating. The exhibition is a powerful statement on the social, cultural, and political reality of Mexico today.

Nominated for best group gallery exhibition by the Austin Critics Table Awards

Photos by Sandy Carson