Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts

Creating a vibrant space for social interaction, education, and appreciation for the arts, Studio Gang’s design for the Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts (formerly Arkansas Arts Center) transforms the premier cultural institution into a signature civic asset. As part of the design team, Page/Dyal was contracted to provide naming, branding, and environemental graphic design services for the institution.

As part of the brand positioning strategy, our team proposed returning to the historic institution name, which was carved on the original 1937 building façade but had been replaced by “Arts Center” in years past. Our team created a robust, scalable brand identity that pays homage to the new building with the use of a subtle angled stroke. The campus signage is bold, yet elegant, utilizing bright white metal and minimal type that respects its surroundings.


My Role:

Visual Identity
Wayfinding & Signage
Donor Recognition

Ray Delgadillo
Herman Dyal
Carla Fraser
Erin West