The Holdsworth Center

The Holdsworth Center is a non-profit organization with the objective to improve public education in Texas by building leadership capacity. Founded by Charles Butt in 2017, the organization partners with public school districts over a five-year training program that focuses on leadership development with tailored approaches based on individual district needs and goals. 

The Campus on Lake Austin was completed in 2021 and is a state-of-the-art 44-acre campus that includes indoor and outdoor meeting spaces; event spaces; guest and hotel lodging; fitness center; social hub; and learning dock – all seamlessly integrated within the native landscape and overlooking the Colorado River. The Campus on Lake Austin was envisioned not just as the headquarters for training programs, but also for the purpose of providing an exceptional and high-quality retreat for public educators and district leaders. 

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Design and Strategy

Visual Identity
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Ray Delgadillo
Herman Dyal
Carla Fraser
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Molly Morton
Erin West
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The Holdsworth Center
Lake Flato
Ten Eyck Landscape Architects
Looney & Associates
The Beck Group